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Onthis page you find information on the amazing ONE on ONE Coaching Days which I also offer in English.

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One on One Coaching Days in the Austrian Alps

Can you imagine a better place for a giant leap of self discovery than the beauty of the Austrian Alps? Use your holidays combined with ONE on ONE Coaching into the most amazing transformation. Use this gorgious setting and my expertise in a healthy and happy lifestyle to embrace new vibes and a new way of living. Healthy food, local and cooked with love will provide you with newfound energy, balanced moods, good sleep and sends you on the right path towards your desired optimum weight. Different forms of energy work, like the Emotion-Code, Body-Code, Ancestral Clearing and similar modalities remove outdated patterns and blockages to open you up for a joyful and fearless way of living. Mindest coaching, messages from oracle cards, looking at astrological influences at birth, breath work, meditations andsoul searching bring new spice to your live and help you make giant steps to a new and evolved you. Discover the joy that waits in your heart to be lived and expressed!


One thing is crystal clear, the ONE on ONE coaching days will change your life for the better, long term!

ONE on ONE Coaching Days are 48 wonderful hours of enjoyment and transformation and can also be extended to 3 or more days.

The days will be designed according to your wishes and needs. No ONE on ONE Coaching Days are alike another. They are always tailored to what you need and what we are guided to. 

Is this for you?

You value personal attention and appreciate help on your amazing journey called life? You love personal growth and discoveries and get joy out of AHAs that catapult you along the way?

This is the place for you!


My strength is it to read between the lines, to feel and to combine the dots. These are valuable traits and very helpful for my work as a mentor and coach. It helps me to discover your themes and to give you powerful impulses for transformation.


It is all about you during the One and One Coaching days. Your heart's desires, your wellbeing, your needs and dreams are given a voice. Together we shine light on your path and all your options. 

Learn how to overcome stumbling blocks and how to deal with ease and grace with challenges in the future.


You will gain new clarity and get equipped with a valuable tool box to bring and keep joy and lightness into your life.


Give birth to a new YOU!

I love my life and my life loves me!

Birgit Venetz

This awaits you!

Accomodation in the "Glücksplatzl"

During your stay the holiday apartment  "Glücksplatzl", a true place of bliss, is your home away from home. With its own terrace and garden it is the perfect location to unwind, to reflect and admire the beautiful mountains. A place that invites you to relax and rejuvinate.

Environmentally friendly materials, clay walls, an oiled oak floor, wodden beds with very comfortable matrazes and bed linens made of organic cotton display my life philosophie and love for nature and beauty.


Stubaier Mountains

Enjoy the amazing panorma of the Stubaier Mountains. Hiking trails, ski slopes and garden await you to be enjoyed. Depending what you feel like you can spend the time between the Coaching Sessions actively exploring the near surroundings or just relax and BE. The choice is yours!


Enjoy delicious culinary experiences - fresh, natural, local and right for your type (make sure to have your Metabolic Type evaluated beforehand).

"Learning by doing" means that I show you how to best implement the nutritional recommendations so you know exactly what to do once you get back home.
Treat your body with organic meals right for your type and learn to feel the power of food.

Head to Heart

No journey is more important than the one from your head to your heart. It is a journey that opens new levels of conciousness und activates your trust in life and what is.

You will learn many methodes that help you slide from your head into your heart und get to experience to always longer be able to remain in this heavenly space of your heart.

Techniques that help you to effectively reduce stress, highten your intution, have a clear focus and feel pure bliss help you to automatically connect with yourself.

The release of trapped emotions with the helpf of the Emotion Code and the Body Code as well as dismanteling the heart wall opens new ways of being.

Ancestral clearing helps you come to peace with old and mostly unconcious and inherited patterns, to forgive and reach a new level of 

life force.

We also use meditation, breath work, outdoor activities and the communication with oracle cards to strengthen your intuition.

Relax and unwind!

Between our sessions you have time to rest, reflect, to explore the village, to unwind and just BE.

The special energy of the Glücksplatzl helps you to process and integrate. It makes it easy to grow from your AHAs, to activate your inner strength and to strenghten it.

Everyone carries their Glücksplatzl (place of blisse) within themselves. And wen we look for it, we will find it. And so will you!

Your Breakthrough on every level!

  • 2 Nights in the Glücksplatzl inkl. tourisme tax 
  • 6 Meals - right for your type 
  • approx. 8 sessions - energy work, coachings, mentoring, outdoor session, cards, astrology - the lenght and amount will be tailored to you
  • 2 Hypnagogic light journeys 
  • Journal for your insights

         € 1597,00 inkl. VAT

Summary of ONE on ONE Coaching Days elements

ONE on ONE Coaching Days are 48 wonderful hours of enjoyment and transformation and can also be extended to 3 or more days.


The days will be designed according to your wishes and what shows up during our time together. 


Here are some possible componente of our time together:

  • accomodation in the beautiful holiday apartment "Glücksplatzl" (place of bliss) with your own terrace and garden. 
  • inidividual nutrition consultation (if Metabolic Type is known)
  • Implementation of recommendations: Shopping, cooking and meal preparation. 
  • organic and meals right for your type (if Metabolic Type is known - I highly recommend to find out beforehand)
  • coherence technique for fast reduction of stress, hightening your intuition, focus and joy
  • releasing of trapped emotions 
  • Ancestral Clearing to clear inhereted patterns and themes
  • meditation and breath work
  • outdoor activities
  • time to reflect
  • time to explore the sourroundings
  • Learining and embodying of new techniques for you to incorporate in your daily life. 

In case you feel like spending more time in the area, why not stay for a few days at the "Glücksplatzl"  and enjoy your new home away from home!


Do you have any questions? Want to find out if your preferred dates are available?